Every Flower Sends an Angel

24.00cm wide
20.00cm high
(9.45 inches wide  7.87 inches high)

External Dimensions:
28.00cm width
24.00cm height
(11.02 inches framed width  9.45 inches framed height)

Born in 1953 Bernard Irwin studied in the Netherlands. On his return to the UK in 1981 he worked in Bristol, painting and making sculpture and ceramics. 

Bernard Irwin is an abstract painter, images arise out of his experience, things seen, heard and felt. Influences and inspirations are as varied as Japanese wood block prints, electronic and piano music, poetry and novels, the glorious Cornish garden that surrounds his studio. Light, colour, sound; silence, the silence of the studio, the silence of painting. 

artist’s studio

Bernard Irwin has exhibited his work in various locations in the UK since 1982. 
Recent project – 2017 “Picturing the Mines – works for the studio”. Paintings from the studios of Bernard Irwin and Jesse Leroy Smith inspired and influenced by a year looking and moving through the mining landscapes of Devon and Cornwall

acrylic on canvas

signed on reverse

Current Condition:
very good

Price: GBP 500.00 (Pound Sterling)

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