Hay Harvest Moon 1955

40.00cm wide
49.50cm high
(15.75 inches wide  19.49 inches high)

External Dimensions:
55.00cm width
65.00cm height
(21.65 inches framed width  25.59 inches framed height)

Roy Turner Durrant studied at Camberwell School of Art 1948-52. At this time his work was influenced by the Neo Romantic painters and his subjects inspired by the orchards and villages of Suffolk. 

His move towards abstractin began in the 1950’s. By the early 1960’s he became more experimental and his work more structural. In the decade of 1970-80 he was working in a calmer and more formally abstract style, often using interlocking, overlapping and disc forms. 

Durrant was profoundly affected by poetry and adopted Gerald Manley Hopkins’ concept of “Inscape”, an interior landscape, sometimes using the term to title his work. At times natural shapes, maybe a door, tree or moon is suggested. 

He was a reclusive unsocial man with a manner discouraging to collectors and dealers. He showed his work widely in London and Suffolk though would often stay away from his own private views. His most recent one-man show in London was at the Fine Art Society in 2008.

oil on board

signed and dated 1955

Current Condition:
very good

Price: GBP 3750.00 (Pound Sterling)

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