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Man with a Dish of Fire

Dimensions:53.00cm wide41.00cm high(20.87 inches wide  16.14 inches high) External Dimensions:70.00cm width60.00cm height(27.56 inches framed width  23.62 inches framed height) Description/Expertise:“A vital post-war link between British and Internatioonal Art” Tate Gallery quote. In 1948 Davie met the collector Peggy Guggenheim in Venice who mentored him, introducint him to key figures of American Abstract Expressionism including Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell and Jackson Pollock who extended […]
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Leaping Cat

Dimensions:70.00cm wide78.00cm high27.00cm deep(27.56 inches wide  30.71 inches high  10.63 inches deep) Description/Expertise:Clare Bigger is an award winning sculptor of figures and animals. She is inspired by Tae Kwon-do (Korean martial art) and her aim is “to suggest a gesture, a movement, by utilising the minimum of detail”. Clare’s solo shows include Bohun Gallery from 1992, Guinness Gallery Dublin from 1994, Milne and […]
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